About Us

Focused in natural experiences, Anoka is an outdoor agency that pursuits the excellence in service through simple and friendly tours. Our adventurers soul lives the desire of going one step beyond, and we help them to get there.

With all services guaranteed, our philosophy lies in ‘Book & Enjoy’ lifestyle, so you only need to do one thing: live the experience.

More than two months of activities and expeditions are waiting for you to discover Chile, that corner of the planet where nature is the host, and we are the guests.


Extreme by itself, Chile stores the magic of the best places nature has to offer. Every experience has been designed and prepared to fill your memories with the best landscapes and views each zone owns.


Our activities and expeditions aim to leave in you the best souvenir a travel can give: the memories. Tailored to fit your needs and expectations, get immersed in nature easily, and live the experience by yourself.

Key Pillars

We believe in respect, human relationships, excellence and nature. Anoka bases its principles in three key pillars, that summarize our lifestyle, according to our environment.

Respect and care for nature

We proudly work with ‘Fair-Trade‘ suppliers. All of them human and nature-lovers like us, it’s in our DNA to reduce the impact to the minimum and enjoy what we do.

Trust at first sight

We know relationships in touring make the experience be remarkable. Enjoy the tour from the very first moment with a personalized and warm attention. We will make our best so you feel in confidence with us.

Safe adventure

Details do the difference, and we know it. We want you tou enjoy every moment, with no worries. One of our key angles is making you feel safe and secure at our activities. Top-of-line technology and certifications are a vital part of our core, so you feel comfortable, always.