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Experts at Anything you want to do here

Focused in creating special moments in nature, Anoka Experience is an outdoor agency that pursuits the excellence in service through activities that show the best of Chile. With all services guaranteed, our philosophy lies in giving you the best experience you could ever have in our country.

Welcome to Chile

Extreme by itself, Chile stores the magic of the best places nature has to offer. Free your soul and let glaciers, forests, mountains and rivers be the hosts in this new adventure. Get immersed by a path that leads you into an unknown place.

Fully Tailored

Prepared for the adventurers needs, our experiences aim to leave in you the best souvenir a travel can give: the memories. Tailored to fit your needs and expectations, our job is to create the best for you.

Key Pillars

Anoka bases its principles in four key pillars. We believe in respect, human relationships, excellence and nature.

Respect and care for nature

We take the impact of our adventures to the bottom, while emotions get to the top. Nature-friendly behavior from start to end.

Trust at first sight

Relationships in touring make the experience be remarkable. We aim to be your friends while we live together the experience. Feel confident with us.

Safe adventure

It’s our purpose to make you feel safe and with no problems. Top-of-line technology and certifications are a core part of Anoka service. In case of any problem, you will be assisted properly.

Best experience

All services are guaranteed and certificated. You will have the best experience in meals, transportation, guidance and more. If not, just let us know.