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About Us

When you have a set of principles, you are willing to do anything to stick to them, no matter what happens, no matter what everybody thinks. In Anoka we defend, protect and respect Nature. We’ll take you there, we’ll let you be there. It’s our environment, our home. This is our motto.

Passion for Nature

Nature is one of the most important places where people go to find themselves. Away from cities, engines and noise, millennial glaciers, mountains and lakes await to be discovered by adventurers.

We stand out by our attention to detail and reducing the impact of our activities. Anoka grows as a Nature Friendly Outdoor Tourism Agency, with experience in professional and first quality services to adventurers who want to explore beyond usual destinations.

  • High Quality Outdoor Tourism
  • Impact Free Activities
  • Dedication to Detail

About Our Services

We want you to enjoy and live the adventure with no worries. All services are guaranteed, including certified guides, technical equipment and the best experience in meals, transportation and conversation during every activity.

24/7 Service

We answer all your questions and queries. Feel free to ask anything.

Trust at First Sight

You will feel at home from the very first moment. It’s our commitment.

First Quality Outdoor Tourism

Explore a world you have never seen. We know how to.